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The melody onto your chest that plays,
Muddy rains on the window as the evening slays.
Your voice echo to the tune of my laboured breath
And aside, on the floor, our masks layeth
You show your scars and corpses from the past
I lay my fears to rest at last
My body, you worship in your lover's grace
Holy rituals in our sweet embrace
Goosebumps like vales on my forlorn skin
Awakened spirits like embers within
Amidst our rubbles, blows an ignorant breeze,
My soul so long a slave, you set release...


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Death Comes Closer

When the passion in my veins
becomes the poison in my blood
and death comes closer by a step
I will not shrivel in sudden fear
or dissolve into a mist of a pitiable plight
For even when I die
My words will illuminate lives with it's
perennial light.

A Nobody

The way your eyes smirk at my existence
and heavy breaths sublime under hallucinating lights
The rifts of your wet lips, abhorrent and unawaiting
On mine sometimes, sometimes gone
A lover's sigh, and poet's respite,


The splash of aquamarine to my gloomy canvases.


I was a virgin canvas
your lips couldn't stain

I had waterfalls inside my chest
your eyes couldn't contain

I ached in places
your hands couldn't touch

I spoke of autumns
words couldn't adorn much

So what you loved that beauty spot
on the edge of my waist,
Alongside thrived a freckle
you had already abandoned in haste.