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As we diverge from this juncture of life, my biggest fear isn't that with the gradual drifting apart, one day, eventually you will slip into the dark oblivious alleys of my memory with the ravages of time. But I dread that amidst the tumults of separation, life might thrust upon us an unexpected rendezvous... For no reason whatsoever, you'll hold my waist again, your cold fingers digging into my flesh like the first time we kissed under the star laden sky. Maybe you'll look into my eyes and gently tuck the uncompliant locks behind my ear when the wind sweeps them across your face. The gravest of my earthly fears is that someday you might come so close that the irresistible fragrance of your body will intermingle with my breath only to stir up love in every minuscule of my rotten soul. And once again wreak a havoc like it always did...

What I remember, what I forget

So, I will slowly get back to the time we spent in each other's arms, a parallel universe curtained from the rest of the world. I will pick up the memories, now worn off like little white pebbles on the shores of our lives. I remember the moments of bliss, when all I ever needed was lacked, and all I ever lacked was needed and there you were, fulfilling them all.
I remember the moments of hurt when my silent tears seeped deep into your skin, the cool breeze fluttering my hair, your eyes reflecting the stars above.
I remember the moments of peace, when pain numbed the beauty of love, and solace I found in you. I remember the moments of distress, of your smile that made my life smile
I remember moments like this,
And when I remember all that I remember,
I realise, life is but a moment
You wish you could seize...


When the most dreadful disasters erupt deep down my dust clad skin,
Come to contain me in the warmth of your embrace When the remnants of my broken existence is set ablaze,
Do come with the pitcher of salvation you have,
Oh oblivious love,
In the vibrance of your soul
Sew up my buried pieces,
Once again make me whole.

Let's not fall in love

Let's not fall in love because we want to, 
Let's spend time telling each other how beautiful we are together
Let's not just fall in love because we are both fading in the damp of loneliness
Let's just hold hands and sit under a tree looking at the autumn leaves fall and mince splendorlessly
Let's hold each other and feel the ecstasy we'd been craving for in the death of our nights.
Let's cry our souls to puddles of misery when walls become deaf.
Let's not fall in love
Let me become yours
Let me make you mine.


People are just like waves of the sea,
They crash, ecstatic, against the shores of your dry existence,
And eventually trail back to their own destinations,
With a fading splendor
Deserted, as you were,
You remain...


Do you ever feel the pain that sublimes your heart into fumes, as if escaping the betrayal of a soulmate, ignorance of an unrequited love or the reasonless exasperation of the people you took to be more than friends. Suddenly you feel so insecure, like a void rushing towards you with a pace so furious as if crushing on your gut.
So now you know your real place in the world.
So now you know, you are a solitary bloke, as you always were and always will be...