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A Bit Of Me

When I leave I shall have left,
No footprints on sand
No ripples on still blue waters
No images on mirrors
So when I leave,
Can I leave a bit of me with you?


The night I stared at the heavenward blue,
The night my heart had wept for you.
Stranded on that sooty black
A pair of stars up and high
I knew I loved, I remember those eyes
But who, at all was the answer to my cries
The glitter his eyes had cast in glee
Her words had stuck like dust on me.

Shady ghosts arrived to veil
Till i finally caught the trail...

She was the answers to all my prayers
The fingers that gnawed deep into my layers
She was the dawn to my deathly nights
She was the star, even from long afar
that drenched me in an eternal light.


How do you do that?
Undress me one layer at a time
And kiss that void deep into
the pits of my stomach with those eyes

And how do you tangle and detangle
locked away abysses of passion in me
effortlessly, like strands of hair
snarled in your fingers

How do you fit with ease,
into my arms like puzzle pieces?
We were strangers,
after all...


Then I, wet with desires and forlorn
To forgotten hymns from yesterday
and drenched in praises of Gods
from the sky.

In our secret penchant for the ultimate union
Through blurred glasses and webs of dreary hair
Between rumbles of ache and background noises

Us, torn apart by distances
and sewn, in hems of a major conspiracy-

A Nobody

The way your eyes smirk at my existence
and heavy breaths sublime under hallucinating lights
The rifts of your wet lips, abhorrent and unawaiting
On mine sometimes, sometimes gone
A lover's sigh, and poet's respite,


The splash of aquamarine to my gloomy canvases.


The ode to her sorrow, 
in the life she has lived,
The love she ever held in her heart, 
the love she never received.


In her leaving,
I saw the death of a hundred moments
of hopes and love
crumble onto earth.

In her dismay,
I saw the love in my heart
grow wilder, desperate in longing
her touch of solace.

In her smiles,
I saw the forgotten heartaches
we traded through fragrant air
in the death of the night.

In the twinkle of her eyes,
I saw a new love settle down
on veneers of dust-clad memories
of holding hands and wiping tears.

In a jiffy,
I saw her
love me and leave me
And all at once, came undone

The Lost Lover

A century had elapsed between her two sentences. Eons of pain and inducement of sorrow ; of demise of an edifice of emotions and of new acclimatization to absence. Even though it has been years now, like unheralded summer storms on the coast, I saw, a fleet of gloomy clouds pass over her. It all rushed to grab her. As if for a jiffy, she could again feel her nerves severed, throbbing and oozing scarlet in that hospital corridor amidst shrieks of agony. For that moment, it seemed so near that I could see her pupils dilated (or was it tears?) and she was almost craving for death. Time had flown past like wild air as she had striven to let that burning sensation sink deeper into her flesh and scar her for life. A moment. Only one of so many years. Like the bloody remnants of her last letter of love. One that never reached her lover. The last hope she held on to. The holy water on her lips before she drifted away.

-"I had a lover"

- "He is gone"


In the blur of a lone violin,
In the empty halls of a desolate theater,
stands a solitary silhouette
The ghosts of her pasts,
her phantom felonies of love.


I was a virgin canvas
your lips couldn't stain

I had waterfalls inside my chest
your eyes couldn't contain

I ached in places
your hands couldn't touch

I spoke of autumns
words couldn't adorn much

So what you loved that beauty spot
on the edge of my waist,
Alongside thrived a freckle
you had already abandoned in haste.

New Dawn

Beneath foggy blankets,
we lay in still darkness,
discovering hands on hands
and heartbeats on heartbeats...

Touching the edge of our lips~
ecstasy, an unforgotten craving
Caught in limbo, our words defiant
and skin to skin our goosebumps hum...

Is it just mouths, or are we one?
At dawn, like the moonlight
plunging into the embrace of sun...