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Death Comes Closer...

When the passion in my veins
becomes the poison in my blood
and death comes closer by a step
I will not shrivel in sudden fear
or dissolve into a mist of a pitiable plight
For even when I die
My words will illuminate lives with it's
perennial light.
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Stars call out to me
As I lay on a bed of fireflies at night
Smoking a cigarette,  burning in reminiscences
I say, "I have been missing my moon"
"But she is gone tonight", they retort,
"Radiating aura in someone else's arms"
So I lay awake till dawn
Musing the eclipse between me and the world everytime we kissed.

A Morning

It was in that morning.
At the crack of dawn, she rose up from bed unable to bear the inconsequential lying anymore. Sleep had barren her like rain does to a land too devoted in it's sunny rendezvous. She climbed upto the rooftop. The sun was still an infantile globoid of vermillion gracing the dark sky as if it were the parting of an Indian woman's hair. Lights still glowed on aloof distant buildings visible despite the fog. She saw a pigeon bossing around another and ravens that had risen from their slumber to the joy of hovering amidst the clouds. But no sign of human could be traced. No cool winds swept past. No coos or barks or mews were heard save for an isolated crow's melancholic rendition.
As if the world had come to a standstill around her. She stood alone, basking in the glory of the dawn for sometime. And then like nothing at all it came rushing to settle on her like stubborn dust.
In that moment, that day, propped on that makeshift sofa she had designed for …


The melody onto your chest that plays,
Muddy rains on the window as the evening slays.
Your voice echo to the tune of my laboured breath
And aside, on the floor, our masks layeth
You show your scars and corpses from the past
I lay my fears to rest at last
My body, you worship in your lover's grace
Holy rituals in our sweet embrace
Goosebumps like vales on my forlorn skin
Awakened spirits like embers within
Amidst our rubbles, blows an ignorant breeze,
My soul so long a slave, you set release...


Naked, onto the virgin's bed,
She said,  "You look beautiful"
And I conformed, shy,
Of the loving, or the praise
And flinched in a moment
Pulling away, almost like a temptress
Only to draw her closer
My lover took me, held in the hazel brown
hypnotism of her eyes
And then flicked through my mind,
the toddler me on the terrace that night
Every night,
In love with the solitary star heavenward.

~Forever. (I wish)

Relief ~ A Haiku

Drizzles on my window sill
And maladies of disbelief,
The heart still shrieks of scorching pain
The soul, sighs relief.

The Time Of Our Lives

The selfish clock tocks in it's own quest
But why should time, for me, rest?
Steeled body and a soul inert
While the world conspires to shatter the heart
The sorrow brims up like poison in my veins
Oh life, let loose, let loose,  your wanton reins.