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A Love Story

"Didi(sister)? Will you please pick me up?
"My mum and dad's pictures are stuck on the door of that cupboard. I can't reach out to them with my small hands.."
I was perplexed.
"Didi, I want to see my parents..." "But little one, how will you SEE them?" "You know Didi, Jesus Christ took my eyes, But he gave me the power to see with my touch and feel with my imaginations."she paused..."Out beyond the reach of sighted ones, there's a world so bleak and black, I belong there." It was a summer afternoon. There was a flush of anticipation as i trailed behind my friend through the creaking main gate of the orphanage. Inside, I found 36 little bundle of happiness. As the days went by, some of the kids started calling me 'Ma'. You'd never believe, this little syllable swerved like hurricanes of ecstasy through me. I was a mother. Gradually without my little ones, I couldn'…

Bereft of you...

I will forget the dreams we saw together...
To melancholia, my heart, will I tether.
Your silhouette walks past my dreams
The union of our souls, never so distant did it seem...
The glitter of your eyes, the warmth of your smile,
How I never knew destiny would play such taunting wile
Insides, I know, never shall you return
So ignite the flames, let buried memories burn...

Love, you triumphed again...

Sometimes my heart skips a beat,
Frightened, how you'd leave me soon.
I reprimand her to stay strong
and imbibe mental hopes to survive through trivial losses...
But it never helps.
What is it that you've done to me?
What is it that branched out of places in me where I never saw any light?
Tell me what in me laments your absence in every moment of dark and day.Fear blanches and stills the heart
As epiphany washes over me...
Love, you triumphed yet again...UNDAUNTED. UNASHAMED.

Broken apart...

The countless audacious whispers that quivered the lips and collapsed oblivious,
Speak of the thousands of midnight rantings to your beauty
They cry out my fears, my anxiety
The latent desires that I've hidden forever in my bosom
But, yes, it's been too long now.
I can feel the tears brimming up in my eyes,
Sloshing and jostling as i try to suppress them, time and again.
You and I were probably set on two different roads,
that met at a juncture, once in a while
Those red letter days...
And now meant to part again, once again...

Solitary whispers...

Sinful treat to the ears,
The never eneding echo of your solitary whispers...

You're here....

So don't you worry baby,
Even as you wave through the fog from the train window,
Know that your fragrant smell still lingers in my breath
And I can still feel your fingers lacing through the goosebumps on my skin
Your eyes still sparkle and meet mine in dreams;
And your still emanates shrouded desires of my soul.
Your solitary whispers strum through the ears and probe into the unclaimed passions of the heart..So, even when you're long gone, and forgotten, you're here...
RIGHT  HERE.(And that's my only salvation...)


She loved him, for reasons unfathomable...
She was often cross with him, also, for reasons unfathomable...
Droplets of rain water trickled down the windshield..
None but she herself heard her sighs filling the room
The souls that united like the glass and water
Were finally onto their real destinations now...SEPARATELY.