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His eyes...

The moment he held me, I knew,
Like an undaunted blossom amidst the thorns, a new love grew
Mosaics of thoughts stitched together
Hands entwined, whispers made promises of 'forever'
Visionaries of stars, galaxies and sunshine,
Glitter in his eyes, reflected behind mine...

Perfect shades of..

Your eyes are the perfect shade of calm, agony and pain,
Fumbling to hold them back to your heart, in vainYour eyes are the perfect shade of laughter and melancholia,
That sets my soul on fire,
Intrigues me, stills me,
Makes me fall in love.... over and over again.


His face was smeared with dust from playing in the yard.
Tears flow effortlessly like water trickles down the sand. Helpless,he stares at the woman fading beyond the iron gate,
Tiny lips tremble as again and again a single syllable escapes between the sobs,'ammi...'

Losing you...

How do I tell you that fear shudders through me still...
Even when you clasp me in your arms so tight
Like his shadow lurks around even as we kiss, oblivious to our sight.
A silence prevails before the storm;
That blanches my soul when you are gone
So I sit there clutching my loneliness closer, to fill the void he left within
And picture my past: shades of gray in a canvas of grime
For I can never let go of what I dread...
Losingyou like I lost him.


Snarled words longing for an escape,
The sky burst open and drenched me with emotions...
...Emotions, I never wanted to 'turn back to.
But it penetrated my soul, ripped open my heart,
Evoking fresh pain where the scars of the old catastrophe still persisted...


The scars on your forehead
remind me of the pasts you hide from me.
The hidden truths of your life that slowly take shape on the wheel of destiny...
The countless pain you hide in your smiles
I want to be a part of them.
I know not what in me wants to reach out to you,
Wipe away sordid melancholy from the very root of you.
How so strange it is,
I crave for your smile....since you let it seep into the surreal darkness of life...
I am a weed longing too much for a blooming flower. Longing too much, for you...
I love you...


There was no soul yonder that could salve his agony
For now, even his smiles mocked him
Every morn, he pondered over her thoughts
Glittery eyes and entangled hair
And the ecstasy of a little child
The memories of her brought back  paradise...
And then epiphany collapsed on him
She was a broken verse that deliquesced  from his paper unknowingly
Far too deep...into the oblivion..


The reminiscence of rustic letters and sooty portraits,
that flare up the memory like inkblots on a parchment paper.
The midnight recital of emotional black holes
drags me into it's captivity
It leaves me disoriented
How hard it is to put into words...
your death spoke for my silence over the years...