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I wake up from this slumber
Startled at midnight
Awoken by fresh love
And suddenly this vast loneliness in the unending universe
Seems very small
I crave to cry
And how my tears turn their way through my throat deep into the entrails
So no one ever could find them.
Why  are they such hypocrites, like you, my love ?
They are a hemlock I drink everyday.
I wonder when this rib cage of mine dampened with a grave desires and weighed under indelible pain will burst into a thousand confetti.
My apocalypse.
I fear, my love, each shattered piece of me will still worship the soul you cage within...

His bereaved poet

I lust at the glimmer of his eyes,
Storms of cosmic stardust in my gloomy skies
I crave for his touch that maddens me,
Blazing desires of a soul that's never been set free
In sleep and wake,
Steals away his daring silhouette
For he is my poem
And I, his bereaved poet.