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I wish I were there,
Whispering in your ear,
Allthegoodbyesneversaid...And then you'd draw near,
Breaking the spell of my nightmare,


This mask is falling off,
Love has destroyed me.
Inch by inch, every miniscule
The remnants you left behind
Memories, my treacherous fuel.There's fire on my skin.
and every ember within,
Wants to reach out to you,
Wake you up from this false awakening.
Tell you, this is a dreamIntherealworld,
Each, ahalfoftheothers'soul.


Whatareyou, butastranger now.A chest of secrets held too long,
The drizzle of peace between my right and wrong
The letter of love from April nine,
Cells I craved with each of mine.What am I, but a shipwreck 
in the storms of your love...