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Chronicles of solitary rantings

I've caged myself in these subtle melancholies of life. The everyday trifles between these two inner voices.
The walls of the cage listen to me. They know me through every minuscule.
They have seen me live and die ...resuscitate and then again die a little more. These walls are my silent consolers. I confide in them.
The tapestries on the ceilings have painted me in yellow ecstasy and crimson pain. Only the curtains have hung closer when I cried
The floors have been stained with charred papers laden with verses of love and yet,never complained. The bedsheets soaked my miseries, my pain while I whined day in and day out...
Ask the pillows they've learnt by heart, the chronicles of nocturnal cursings. They have tasted my blood, seeping from my veins to theirs in the death of the night.
They've known me. They've grown me - from a girl to a woman.


I have left my miseries to that melancholic place,
And wiped myself off those blemishes
That your love left engraved deep inside me.Maybe it's 'us' we were never meant to be.
Because broken hearts have incinerated love and lust in the very fire that they were born,
Let bygones bygone.

She found love...

Her sorrows were so timeworn..
Thousands of indelible pain in her bosom had she borne.
And yours was the only soul that could bring her peace,
Salve to her wounds and a reason to live,
In you she found a love so pure, you'd never believe...