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Ordinary love

Yes. Ordinary love.Love like him. Love like her.
Love like mortal beings.
And yet this love, so supernaturally immense,
It's shattering my heart into a stardust of irreconcilable pain.


She was the kind of girl whose eyes you could look into, sitting under a cloudy moonlit sky (as tonight) , and the silence would tell you about the storms that had passed : over and over again, each time with a greater intensity. The storms that justify the dilapidated woman she is. The storms that sure did swerve her into trances of insanity but couldn't uproot her.Oh well.


I am ugly to such an extent that no man would stop to look at me if I passed by them on the road. Not even for a split second.
But the irony is that I have never wanted anyone to look at me.. I have always wanted someone, at least one person to indulge in me. To dive into unfathomable depths in me and look for beauty in the scars that time couldn't heal. To smoothen those scars with the midas touch of his fingers...To stare into my eyes and cast magic into them, that would bring the cyclones in my seas to an absolute calm. To speak of the remnants of good reasons I still have left to breathe...To be one of those reasons. Call me selfish, but,  I have always wanted something beyond the cheap materialisms of the world.
Something cosmic.
Something like you.


Someday, if the ropes of your happiness start fraying with the ravages of time,
When you suddenly feel homesick
And grope around in sheer hopelessness to find refuge
It would just take you to turn around
To find my open arms
I'll be your home.

Wilted flowers never bloom...

Tonight, my heart feels like this.
A crumpled note of love thrown over the abyss...
That lost and damned one didn't know,
of thorns, that, with roses grow.
And my heart, a fool, fell again,
for the trap that love had lain
So suffer, suffer till its doom,
Darling, wilted flowers never bloom.