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As we diverge from this juncture of life, my biggest fear isn't that with the gradual drifting apart, one day, eventually you will slip into the dark oblivious alleys of my memory with the ravages of time.
But I dread that amidst the tumults of separation, life might thrust upon us an unexpected rendezvous... For no reason whatsoever, you'll hold my waist again, your cold fingers digging into my flesh like the first time we kissed under the star laden sky. Maybe you'll look into my eyes and gently tuck the uncompliant locks behind my ear when the wind sweeps them across your face.
The gravest of my earthly fears is that someday you might come so close that the irresistible fragrance of your body will intermingle with my breath only to stir up love in every minuscule of my rotten soul.
And once again wreak a havoc like it always did...


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Death Comes Closer

When the passion in my veins
becomes the poison in my blood
and death comes closer by a step
I will not shrivel in sudden fear
or dissolve into a mist of a pitiable plight
For even when I die
My words will illuminate lives with it's
perennial light.

A Nobody

The way your eyes smirk at my existence
and heavy breaths sublime under hallucinating lights
The rifts of your wet lips, abhorrent and unawaiting
On mine sometimes, sometimes gone
A lover's sigh, and poet's respite,


The splash of aquamarine to my gloomy canvases.


I was a virgin canvas
your lips couldn't stain

I had waterfalls inside my chest
your eyes couldn't contain

I ached in places
your hands couldn't touch

I spoke of autumns
words couldn't adorn much

So what you loved that beauty spot
on the edge of my waist,
Alongside thrived a freckle
you had already abandoned in haste.